A musical play designed as a sequel to Wind in the Willows, the story follows the adventures of Toad and friends after the weasels have been thrown out of Toad Hall and centres around the theft of Toad's computer and the elaborate plan by the weasels to cheat the Tax man.  In the week of the budget there was inevitably a certain sympathy for the weasels, an entertaining bunch of low-lifes who seemed to have escaped from the cast of Bugsy Malone!.  Paired against them were the Field Mice, a somewhat earnest gathering full of good intentions and lofty ideals.  The play was clearly designed for a cast of Primary School age, with simple songs, an abundance of small speaking roles and plenty of group work and as such suited the strengths of this very young cast. Despite their age there was no doubting the confidence of the youngsters nor their obvious enjoyment. Lines were spoken clearly and if a little hesitant at times this is something which will clearly be overcome as the run progresses.  There were some excellent examples of team work with speaking characters always paying attention to the position of others on the stage and ensuring that all the space was well utilised at all times.  There had clearly been a lot of thought given to details of characterisation so that the children were all aware of the need to keep in character at all times and to demonstrate this through their movements, particularly noticeable in the difference between the skittering fieldmice and the swaggering macho weasels. The slightly senior members of the group were also very commendable in the larger roles of Toad, Ratty, Mole and Badger. Again there were good efforts at characterisation and confident delivery of lines. This was particularly the case with, Hannah Glossop, as Mr Toad, who had real stage presence and whose graceful movements were a delight to watch. This was clearly very much a team effort with everyone participating fully and enjoying themselves - including the musicians who dressed specially for their role!  This inclusiveness was also apparent in the idea of utilising older voices to assist with the singing and in the clever stage design features. Congratulations to all involved in yet another successful production by SAOS Juniors, who are proving to be a really valuable addition to theatre in the area.

Parents comments.

We just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone involved 
in the production of "When Toad Came Home". My child has enjoyed it from 
start to finish and we thought the production was fantastic.
Thank you 

Just a quick note to say thank you for organizing such an AMAZING show and letting my child be part of it - she's really enjoyed her first experience of acting on stage and being part of the cast.
The dedication you and the rest the team put in to making it all happen is just incredible!
Thanks very much again,

Can I just take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone involved with this production
I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity our child has been given to become part of such a fab and professional show... You have  created some amazing memories for all those children and l have nothing but gratitude for that.
Please pass on my congratulations and thanks to all involved.What you all do and the time and effort you put in is just incredible.My eldest wants to give it a go next year!!